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Team building gift ideas to boost work collaboration

Say the word “team” and most people’s minds automatically go to sports, right? Business owners and managers, however, know that teams aren’t just on sporting fields. Any business with more than one employee is composed of a group, and that team is critical to work-life flowing efficiently, effectively, and happily. So, how do you keep your team happy, healthy, and thriving? We have one word for you – teamwork.

Benefits Of Teamwork In The Workplace

The International Journal of Learning Development found that teamwork, team trust, esprit de corps, and recognition and rewards were all interconnected to form a positive effect on employee performance. Teamwork programs were found to enhance productivity, organizational performance, and quality and quantity output.

Many employers and employees alike have gotten this team-building message. Studies show over 75% of employers rate teamwork as very important. Another study found that almost 40% of employers felt that their employees don’t collaborate enough. Despite only around 18% of employers having communication evaluations in their performance reviews, practically 50% of Millennial employees want social workplace collaboration tools – 40% say they’d even pay out of pocket to have such tools.

The problem? Many companies envision reruns of Steve Carell’s “The Office” and his lame and highly awkward attempts at such when they think of how to improve teamwork. Other employers may be altogether clueless on how to create team-building portals. At Pinnacle Awards & Promotions, we understand the importance of teamwork to enhance communication and improve your company morale, and we have just the tools and tips to help do it in a meaningful and appreciated way.

Four Team-Building Tips

  1. Make Everyone Feel Like A Team Player With Custom Apparel

Ever wonder why a simple t-shirt, hat, or other logo apparel free giveaway can gather hundreds to hundreds of thousands of attention and attempts to win it? An article by American Express, called “The Marketing Power Of A T-Shirt,” explains the tribe mentality of it. It’s about inclusion.

As far as internal team-building goes, custom apparel has the same inclusion mentality. It not only helps make your employees identifiable and turns them into conversation starters to outsiders, but it also helps them feel part of something bigger than just their singular role or duty within the company. They’re part of the wholistic team, whether that’s walking around the office, a trade show, a company event or retreat, or just walking home from the office in their Pinnacle apparel.

  1. Tools To Boost Communication And Collaboration

Communication and collaboration can increase productivity, improve employee morale and satisfaction, and kick engagement into high gear. This is why an essential part of teamwork is in each member being able to collaborate and communicate effectively and efficiently. Without those elements, you don’t have a team. You have a bunch of individuals in a huddle still working as individuals and wondering why the output is a hodgepodge.

Did you know that 85% of workplace failures are attributed to ineffective communication and ineffective collaborative efforts?

How do you boost collaboration and communication? We have a plethora of fun and engaging tools and gifts to help remind your employees to work and communicate as a team and reach out when they can’t solve a problem on their own.

Logo phone accessories, like a cell phone stand, cardholder, charger, or pop-socket, are a great reminder to pick up the phone and collaborate to solve problems. A Toddy Twist cable organizer is another symbolic team-building gift; each cord is solo, but gathering helps to create organization.

  1. Boost Productivity By Fostering Meaningful Relationships

Have you heard the saying of a happy wife equals a happy life? It’s a given that workers getting along well creates a more welcoming atmosphere for customers, but meaningful office relationships go beyond curb appeal. A study showed that 75% of workers felt as though they could tackle anything when they had a best friend at work.

Foster these meaningful relationships by encouraging employees to know each other beyond a job role – “Peter in accounting” and “Susie in HR.”

Hold in-house or offsite lunches. Better yet, kill a couple of birds with one stone and set up games as a special day or as part of in-service and weekly meetings. Our game sets provide an excellent opportunity to let personalities shine and encourage the game teams to work together for a common goal.

  1. Build Morale With Achievement And Milestone Celebrations

Few things are more encouraging than being recognized for effort and time devoted to a company/team. Studies have shown that 75% of those recognized monthly by a supervisor say they’re more satisfied at their job. So, show your employees that you see their efforts and appreciate it.

Whether it’s a deadline achievement, meeting production goals, closing a project out, or just going beyond and above, you can significantly encourage your employees with even the smallest of recognition rewards.

One of our backscratchers can convey a pat on the back and say thanks for scratching your back with a job well done. Go with our Everything Tool Set to convey the message that you can build anything together. Our MagLight Solitaire Flashlight is the perfect way to say you see your employee’s hard work and dedication.

In closing, better teamwork equates to better business. It’s easy to nurture and harness that teamwork when you have great team-building tools and gifts behind your words.

Author: Rosemary Davies
Rosemary Davies is the owner of Pinnacle Awards and Promotions, Inc. Pinnacle Awards and Promotional Products has its roots in Central Florida. We were founded in 1999, and we have been working in the industry of advertising specialty for over 18 years providing promotional products to a wide range of companies.

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