Please note the Drawing has been postponed due to the travel disruptions and cancellations implemented because of the Covid-19 spread.  Anticipating this will be a 2-4 month event  we will reschedule the "1 of 3" when we have more information.

In the meantime, have all your club members register to increase your chances of winning.  


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AND when you subscribe to our Newsletter by March 25th, you are automatically entered in the "1 of 3" Drawing March 30th. 

You could be "1 of 3" Rotary Clubs that wins 200 pens with your club name on them.  Subscribe and then check your email  Monday March 30, 2020 to see if you won.


Details: Only 1 winner per club, only 1 entry per Rotarian.  Feel free to notify other club members they can subscribe too(but you cannot do it for them).  This Drawing is for Active Rotary Members only.