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Promotional Products For Non-Profits

Promotional Products For Non-Profits

Promotional products are a great tool that you can use to gain awareness for your non-profit. We’ve seen a lot of charitable organizations get tremendous value out of giving them away.
There are thousands of different promotional items to pick from, so it’s important to choose the right ones for your cause. You want to pick items that represent you well and are affordable at a good quality. We have a lot of options that fit these criteria.

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How to Think About Promotional Products

You should have clear goals for your promotional products. What are you trying to do? If you want to raise awareness, decide who you are reaching out to. Think about if you are aiming for long-term or short-term results. All of this matters in the planning stages of your marketing campaign.

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The tricky thing about using promotional products is measuring the results. It isn’t like paying for online ads where you can clearly see your CPMs over time. Use your goals as a way to know if your campaign is succeeding or not.

What Products Should You Use?

We know that non-profits need to make a little bit of money go a long way. That’s why we offer some of the most cost-effective products available anywhere.

T-shirts are a hugely effective choice of a product. The cost per impression for a shirt can be less than a penny. Every time somebody leaves the house wearing your shirt, it’s a chance for hundreds of different people to see your brand.

Mugs are another great example of an effective promotional product. When you design a mug that people really want, they are likely to hang onto the item for years. Best yet, mugs are often used for drinking coffee and tea. This means your brand will be get impressions during the very beginning of the day.

Quality vs. Quantity

There’s a difficult balance between these two factors. As a general rule of thumb, it’s better to go a bit higher on the quality side so that your products last longer.

Keep in mind that more than half of all people do keep promotional products around the house. It’s normal behavior to hang on to something when you get it for free. We’ve seen that getting good value for your money, but not going too cheap, is the key to impressing people. It’s better to spend a little extra for a product that will make a great impression.

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Give Away Awards

As a non-profit, you have the advantage of being an organization that people love. We know that it’s easier to build an audience for a charity than it is for a for-profit business. The key is to tap into the human desire to contribute to a good cause.

Awards are some of the most effective promotional products that money can buy. You should use them to honor people who make a big contribution to your non-profit. It’s great to give an award to those who donate the most time and/or the most money to the organization.

There is a two-pronged positive result from doing this. On one hand, the person that receives the award feels great and may become even more dedicated to helping the cause. The other thing is that they are likely to keep and display the award at home. This means that their friends will come to know about the charitable organization.

Promotional Products are Effective

Non profits often have partners that will pay for the promotional product as long as the partner’s name/logo is mentioned as a support.

We’ve seen promotional products work again and again for non-profits. They are an affordable and effective way to spread the word about what you do. You’ll be able to find exactly the right product for your brand on our website. Don’t miss this chance to raise awar