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Promotional Products for Giveaways

Promotional product giveaway items are excellent for raising awareness of our companies and mission. Giveaways fall into five general categories:

* Personal
* Office related
* Fun products
* Digital products


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Before we choose a product, we clarify what we want to convey. Do we want to be remembered as a company that meets people’s personal needs? Are we reaching out to another business and want to help them be more efficient? Or do we want to come off as a fun company to do business with?

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Let’s explore those options in more depth.

Personal Items

If our company is in the business of helping individuals, we may choose a promotional item that will help people in their daily life. For example, if we are landscapers who are looking for more customers, we might give away calendars with pictures of beautifully manicured yards, xeriscape scenes and fruit trees.

Caps or visors with a company logo or car air fresheners in the shape of trees would also be appropriate giveaways for any company in the outdoor business.

If we are beauticians looking for new clients for our salon, we might offer tote bags, key chains or refrigerator magnets. These are the types of things that women like to use.

Of course, every giveaway must advertise the company in some way. Some articles are large enough to show the logo and complete contact information. Other items will accommodate only a company name. Of course, the more information you provide, the easier it is for the giveaway recipient to contact you later.

Office Items

If I had a business-to-business company, I could give away office-related items. They would be something that would help my client get his job done. Good giveaways in this case would be pens, pencils, notepads, erasers, magnets, small notebooks, sticky notes, lanyards for keys or ID badges, desk calendars or any other inexpensive but useful desk accessory that could display my company’s contact information.

However, one company does not usually advertise another company. So mugs that sit out on the desk or counters, showing off my logo may not be a welcome addition to another company’s workplace.

Fun Products

If I were in the recreation niche, I would look for giveaways that are associated with having fun or enjoying the outdoors. Examples of these would be drink bottles, chip clips, balls or toys, ball caps and carabiners.

If I had a slogan, such as “Ride the River with RiverRafters,” I’d look for giveaways that would allow for this slogan and our phone number or website address. The website address would be preferable because viewers would get stunning images of people having fun while rafting. Plus, all my company’s contact information could be found there.

Digital Products

Digital downloadable products are very popular giveaways. Since they are not physical, tangible products, they do not have to be custom ordered with your company’s information printed on them, Nor do they have to be packaged, shipped or stored.

Furthermore, we never run out of a digital product. There is no limit to the number of times a digital product can be downloaded. What’s more, it does not need paper, ink or stamps for it to be delivered.

If my company sold a product or service that could be advertised using a digital product, I would consider the following formats:

* Free ebook or report – educational, informational or motivational
* Free training for a product
* Free access to a members-only area of our website
* Free software programs that would help them in their business

The advantage of giving away digital products is that we can collect email addresses of people who have clicked on a link for the free product. With an email list, which is essentially a customer list, we can promote our business to these people on a regular basis with no associated printing or postage costs.

By sending these people additional free and helpful information, we build trust and keep our brand in their minds. This increased the chances that they will contact our company when they need or want a product or service we provide.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profits are usually associated with a mission, such as meals on wheels, providing clothes and used furniture to the poor, helping pregnant women, etc. These organizations want to keep their projects in the minds of people who might consider donating to their cause.

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In spite of the fact that non-profits’ funds are often in short supply, these groups can promote their organization with the most inexpensive giveaways, such a pencils, pens and stickers. Furthermore, non-profits can get away with selling some of the traditional giveaways, such as mugs, caps, drink bottles/cups, patches and t-shirts.

Whenever possible, their mission slogan is imprinted on the items: “Fighting Poverty One Family at a Time” or “Helping Mother and Baby” along with a phone number can raise awareness of their organization.

Giveaways are valuable advertising tools. They usually involve a similar cost layout as a one-time newspaper advertisement. However, these physical and digital products remain in the prospective customers’ possession long after the newspaper has been cast aside.