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Orlando Promotional Products For Business

Business Promotional Products

Do you want your business to be remembered even after the customer has left your establishment? Pinnacle Awards and Promotions can help to make sure that you and your business are unforgettable. As a specialist in business promotional products and awards with headquarters in Orlando, FL, we know exactly what it takes to catch a customer’s eye.

In the digital age, there are many approaches used to spread the word about companies and increase business & branding. Regardless, using promotional products in any situation is one of the obvious top choices to increase visibility.

When it is statistically proven that 88 percent of customers remember information imprinted on promotional products, it is a no brainer to make the investment of just pennies a day by purchasing promotional products for your company.

We have a variety of products to meet your needs as a company. Our promotional products range from pens to hardware and everything in between!

Perfect for Any Business Event

We specialize in creating any form of handout or gift bag for your events. Whether you are attending a convention and want to have something to give the visitors of your booth, or you’re putting on a golf tournament and need a giveaway bag, we have you covered. As our home base is in Florida, we get a lot of call for golfing products; after all Florida is the golf state, with over 1,000 unique courses. We’re also very close to Bay Hill and TPC Sawgrass, two of the most famous courses in the entire United States. So if you’ve got an upcoming event, we are here for you.

Golf Promotional Products

Golf Balls

Golf Shirts

Gold Pens

Golf Umbrella

Golf Bottle Opener

Business Promotional Products

Business Promotion Earbuds

Business promotional Mug

Business Promotional Mobile Wallet

Business Promotional Expedia Tag

Busines Promotion ID Card Case

Promotional Merchandise For Business

  • Apparel
  • Automotive products
  • Awards and recognitions
  • Badges and lanyardsBags and backpacks
  • Calendars
  • Candy and snacks
  • Caps and hats
  • Clocks
  • Computer accessories
  • Eco-friendly products
  • Food and beverages
  • Fun and games
  • Gifts for executives
  • Healthcare products
  • Key tags and keychains
  • Kitchen and home items
  • Mugs and drinkware
  • Pens and notebooks
  • Sports and outdoor items
  • Stress balls
  • Table cloths and tents
  • Technology items (ex. ear buds, mouse pads, phone cases, etc.)
  • Tools and hardware
  • Travel items
  • Trendy products (speakers, blankets, tablet cases, etc.)
  • Watches

Pinnacle Promotions - Awards, Promotions & Merchandise

Your brand has to be front and center in the customers’ minds at all times. Promotional products are powerful cost-effective tools that you can use to activate recurrent memory recall. You can spruce up your business, increase its visibility and make customers smile for the longest time, as well. You can choose from a vast assortment of base tools and then transform them into effective promoters and advocates. Furthermore, they can serve your employees. You can base your product choice on the type of business that you run.

Orlando Promotional Products as Awards

The height of your employees’ morale can affect your entire business’s performance. Therefore, you have to have an appreciation system in place. Using promotional products as awards for your best sellers, hardest workers and most caring customer service people is a good way to boost morale. workers will love the fact that you appreciate them, and they will be more likely to put more effort into the job. Additionally, you can create some healthy competition with these products.

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Orlando Promotional Products as Free Giveaways

Free giveaways are still one of the most effective ways to entice people to buy your products and services. All you need to do is order something that’s relevant to your company and hand it out. Every person that your freebie recipient comes in contact with will get a subtle promotion of the things that you have to offer. Promotional pens are great because people lend their pens to other people, but caps and hats are sometimes even better. Your on-person advertisement goes wherever the wearer goes.

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Orlando Promotional Products as Marketing Products

Promotional products work well as marketing products. In fact, you should have as much of variety in promotional products as you possibly can have. You can order pens, key chains, stress balls, and calendars and then give them out as needed to prospective business associates, customers, inquirers and the like. Stress balls are a hot commodity now because they are inexpensive and they can pose some satisfying results in terms of work and life stress. Your company would be advertised every time a person used the product.

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Orlando Promotional Products for Business

Promotional products are just a generally smart concept for business. They are the way to go if you want to present a positive image for your company. a wealth of options is available from which you may choose to brand your business. You can choose travel items, clocks, games, magnets, watches, badges and more. We can help you to decide which items are best for your business journey if you would like to call and speak to one of our experts. This person can make suggestions to you based on your business’s budget and the purpose that you want your products to serve. Ordering promotional materials can put your company far above the rest. Sift through the hundreds of possibilities or contact us today so that we can help you. Either way, you will end up with an increased earning potential.

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With the huge range of products that we carry, we have the perfect promotional item for any business, company, or service!

You can put almost anything on our products– a design, artwork, logo, and company information are commonly seen on specialty advertising items.

To ensure quality control, we go through an extensive process to proof the work before it is made into a product to ensure it is made correctly. When you choose and order a product, we personally confirm the order with you before proceeding with making the product. We always make sure to give you the best possible prices and ensure you have the final say!

So get rid of those boring brochures and business cards that customers never look at and replace them with our fun and practical items that make a lasting impression. It makes advertising exciting for you and your customers. All of us at Pinnacle Awards and Promotions are here to help you choose the most budget-friendly and effective ways to resonate with your clients.

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Pinnacle Awards and Promotions combines quality with affordability. We can work with your individual needs to help you choose the best products for you. Every time a customer or client picks up a pen with your logo and contact information on it, they will remember you. You will be advertising without even trying!

If you have questions about product information, which products may work for you, or any other inquiry relating to a promotional product or award order, please feel free to contact us by phone at (407)681-1111 or by email at



Send us an email and we’ll get in touch shortly. In the meantime, check out our full product catalog!