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Promotional Items For Your Next Golf Tournament


Golf tournaments have grown increasingly popular throughout the country in recent years, and for a good reason. There are few better ways to attract a sizable following, while offering an activity that is fun and wholesome for the entire family. While there are many types and formats for such golf tournaments, charity events have become commonplace. In addition to helping out a great cause, this is an excellent way for local businesses to promote themselves to a captive audience by using promotional products. If you are a tournament organizer looking for effective ways to promote the event, the following items that we have to offer you should do just nicely.

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Kolder Kaddy

Made of high quality neoprene, these insulated holders will keep cans cold for quite some time. This is most handy on a golf course, where temperatures can soar out on the fairways. In between shots, your participants will appreciate having a nice cold beverage to enjoy, while you will gain the promotional advantage that comes with having your log on each Kolder Kaddy.

Golf Caps Made With Chino Twill

Golfers will definitely want to keep the sun out of their eyes. These hats will do just that, while proving a comfortable fit at the same time. Each cap comes with a fabric strap and a sliding buckle made of antique brass. Since this is useful item away from the golf course as well, your logo will be displayed prominently around the community as golfers wear it outside the tournament venue.

Golf Balls by Titleist

Show off your desire to be the best by putting one of the leading types of manufactured golf balls in play. Titleist is a premier maker of golf balls, meaning that these are built to last. Your logo will be displayed on each one and they are sure to last long after the tournament is over.

Comfortable Golf Towels

Golfers want their clubs to stay clean, which means that they need a towel to travel with them around the golf course. This is yet another way to promote your tournament. Coming in a variety of colors to choose from, you will be proud to display your logo for all to see. Each towel comes with a clip that easily fastens to any type of golf bag.

The Ever Useful Golf Tee

This is probably the most cost effective promotional item that you can put into play during a golf tournament. Everyone needs multiple golf tees. The more you order, the cheaper they become, as they are available up to quantities of 10,000. These tees are made of a versatile material and are 3 1/4” in length. Since you never know where or when a golf tee will turn up, this is another way to make sure your promotional logo gets seen long after the final hole of the tournament has been played.

Ball Markers

Every golfer needs to pick up their ball from time to time. To stay legal, these ball markers will come in most handy. Designed to replicated a poker chip, these chips are stylish, and we can imprint your customized logo on both sides. They are made of a high gloss and durable polyester material, so the logo will look great for quite some time to come.

These are just some of the many promotional items that we have to offer your golf tournament. Take a look at our website for other inspirational ideas and then contact us to place an order.

Author: Rosemary Davies
Rosemary Davies is the owner of Pinnacle Awards and Promotions, Inc. Pinnacle Awards and Promotional Products has its roots in Central Florida. We were founded in 1999, and we have been working in the industry of advertising specialty for over 18 years providing promotional products to a wide range of companies.

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