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Fidget Spinners now available!

Fidget spinners are the latest and greatest way to release stress. These stress relievers come in a variety of colors, and patterns. You can also get your logo or pictures printed on them. At Pinnacle Awards & Promotions, we are dedicated to providing you with a quality product that will tell the world who you are.

We still carry the tried and true stress balls, but fidget spinners are a different style of stress relievers. Instead of giving out stress balls as a promotion, try fidget spinners.

Fidget Spinner are great as a promotional product

• They easily slip into your pocket or your bag.
• They can go anywhere with you.
• Fidget spinners are fun to use and help stave off boredom.
• Spinners relieve stress and anxiety.
• They have been shown to help children and adults with attention disorders.
• Spinners are easily personalized.

With all the benefits that come with using a fidget spinner, a welcomed advantage presented itself. We found out that it is easy to put your logo or name in the center of the spinner. Placing your logo in this position makes it necessary for the user to look at it every time they use the device.
The central position of your information on the Fidget Spinner will let the prospective clients see your company’s name every time they use it.

Not just businesses use fidget spinners; anyone can use them. You can order them for a party, event, organization or a school. The spinners were initially created to be used for focus and to control fidgeting. Some experts say that the fidget spinner can help with focus, ADHD, and anxiety. Even though it is not a replacement for therapy, it is indeed something to consider using as a supplemental aid.

When throwing a party, hosts are always looking for a way to create unique gift bags for their guests. An excellent solution is to include a personalized fidget spinner. If you are having a family reunion, birthdays or fundraisers can utilize the spinner by having information printed on them. Themes, last names or even important dates can be imprinted. Either way, it is a way to personalize something that guests can hang on an remember you, your business or organization by.

We are dedicated to helping you determine how many you need and what would be the best slogan or logo to print on your fidget spinner order. Whether you want something unique, or outstanding, we have the what you are looking for to create a personalized product. We want you to be able to increase your business while reducing stress or enhance your party experience. Fidget spinners are easy to take on the go and can become a conversation piece whether at home, at school, or at the office. Let us be the supplier of your next promotional giveaway.

Author: Rosemary Davies
Rosemary Davies is the owner of Pinnacle Awards and Promotions, Inc. Pinnacle Awards and Promotional Products has its roots in Central Florida. We were founded in 1999, and we have been working in the industry of advertising specialty for over 18 years providing promotional products to a wide range of companies.

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