Why You Should Customize Your Awards

  • Feb 14, 2019

Success requires plenty of hard work, achieving it takes commitment and sacrifice. Your team or company is spending a lot of time away from their home, hobbies, and family for their projects to succeed. Therefore, their reward should be much more than just a decent paycheck. Money can feed a bank account and pay bills, but it doesn’t add joy to someone’s soul. Recognition and appreciation can’t be measured in dollar signs and goes so much further when it has a personal touch added. Pinnacle Awards and Promotions are specialists in business promotional products and awards and will help your business be remembered even after the event is over.

Customizing your award shows that you appreciate the sacrifice that a person has made and lets them know the award came from the heart. The best awards always resonate with their recipient and have a personal touch that has a lasting appeal. Whether it’s a business logo, favorite saying, or a reference to an inside joke, customization will hold a special meaning to the individual that commemorates the sanctity of the moment.

Distinctive, high-end achievements awards can be the perfect solution for acknowledging an individual. The uniqueness and beauty of a customizable award conveys to the person just how valuable they are to either your business or team and how much they are valued. These can be a real work of art that people will be proud to display in their office or home. The prominent award can act as a constant reminder of their appreciation, as well as, a consistent source of motivation. Unlike a trip or coupon, a customizable award will not be forgotten or go unnoticed by others; the permanence that is showcased by these awards will have a lasting impact on other people as well. Everyone who notices the award will know that their company or team rewards hard work and dedication, which will keep morale high between everybody.

When it comes to giving awards, you only get one chance to do it properly and celebrate that person at the moment, at the event or during the ceremony. So no pressure right? A generic award will check off the boxes you need to do on your list, but if your award has a personalized message, that can be something that genuinely inspires someone. Furthermore, recognizing that person in such a way will show you’re insightful and on your A game.

Having a customized award that’s remembered, will build better relationships and create inspiration for those who are around you when you give the award. Then you will have the pleasure of seeing pure joy on someone’s face as the team is clutching their shiny medals or the crystal award that is sitting on the desk in someone’s office. Moments like this bring people’s best work out and help them keep pushing as they strive towards greatness.

Lastly, nothing makes hard work feel better deserved than earning a sense of acknowledgment from your peers.

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