Promotional Stress Balls, A Personal Touch

  • Feb 11, 2019

When the bulk of marketing activities comes at you, there’s one thing that products can lack, a genuinely personal element. Even targeted messages on Facebook and Google are basic efforts to reach out to a stranger and initiate a personal connection with someone. Promotional stress balls have the power to remind an individual of a personal interaction that they already had with someone in your organization. People that work in a stressful industry are aware of how far a personal touch can have. Custom stress balls create effectiveness long after the gift is received. A potential client that visits you at a conference or trade show can be reminded of the solutions you recommended, the knowledge you showed of their business needs, or the simple fact that it was easy to talk with you, whenever they see or use the stress ball. At Pinnacle Awards, we make your promotion the best it can be! We want you to get your products on time and at the best possible price!

Gives the Client Something They Can Touch   It takes a lot of effort for someone to achieve a face-to-face conversation with a potential client. Therefore, anything you can do to help maximize the benefit of their experience is invaluable. Not to mention, the low cost of this promotional item makes them perfect for giving out. Promotional stress balls not only have a tangible quality, but are created to encourage handling, stress relief, and other casual uses that will reinforce a positive message and personal experience that they represent. When you add a sense of touch to your potential client’s experience it provides you with one last thing you can do to magnify your trade show appearances, sales visits, and other interactions throughout the year.

Stress Balls Stick Around   A big factor in the marketing industry has to deal with the brevity of human memory. The most crafted and creative television commercial can quickly fade from a viewer’s memory. This is an area where stress balls can really shine. They don’t rely on memory, but rather serve as a constant “billboard” in front of a person; displaying your company’s name, logo, and even contact information, so they don’t need to remember anything.
This squeezable ball can roll around the person’s desk, top drawer, home office, and car dashboard. There will always be that reminder of your company close enough to reach your potential client when they need your services. An excellent strategy for promotional stress balls is to choose a variety of designs that give them access to different areas of a contact’s work and home life.

Stress Balls for Trade Show Season   In 2019 make the most of your marketing budget. Whether it’s digital marketing, media, or other advertising ideas you plan, make sure to include promotional stress balls. The tangible, enduring, and personal nature of this marketing plan is one you can’t afford to overlook. Also, these promo items offer a vast amount of customizable features that can make your promotional stress balls unique, true to your brand, and incredibly useful in solidifying a positive experience with current and potential clients.