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  • Feb 18, 2019

An emerging promotional trend in 2018 was that a lot of prospects were expecting higher-quality giveaways at trade shows. It’s still important to hand out cost-effective promos at a trade show that generate a high volume of brand exposure. However, today you need a promotional item that is perceived to have higher value when it comes to attracting quality leads to your booth. Brand awareness is imperative nowadays, but having a list full of leads that are highly qualified is more important. Here are some ideas for great promotional items which will set you apart form your competitors and get the leads you’re looking for.

PopSocket    This trendy, multi-use mobile accessory is quickly on the rise in trade shows and their attendees alike. Pop sockets adhere to the back of your smartphone or tablet with a rinseable gel that can be used on a phone stand or grip. When you’re giving these away be sure to mention to your prospects that this stand goes great for texting and video chatting, so it looks applicable to their everyday lifestyle. You can leverage full color imprinting and brand this product to make it a worthy giveaway.


Smart Wallet    I’m sure you know someone who has a smart wallet. This slim pocket attaches to the outside of any mobile device and is perfect for storing people’s licenses, credit cards, hotel key cards, business cards, and cash. This product is great for a giveaway because it can be useful for attendees right away.


Wood Tone Sunglasses     If you’re looking for a stylish giveaway that leaves an impression of high-quality without spending a lot of money,then wood sunglasses are the perfect item for you. With the trend of wood grain pattern, sturdy frame constructed, and a soft rubberised finish growing more popular; these are a perfect solution to offer attendees something new and fun.


Webcam Cover     Technology-focused promotional giveaways are always a great idea. Not to mention, a sleek and modern webcam cover is guaranteed to become a go-to giveaway. This product can come completely customizable where you can display a bold brand strategy and message. The cover can include an easy opening when you choose to use your camera, and a firm grip on your device that works with laptops, smartphones, and tablets. If you use a four-color process imprinting, the promotional item can display a company name or logo to show you prospects that you have them covered.


Loop Cell Phone Accessory     The petite loop cell phone accessory is becoming the largest promotional product at trade shows in North America. When walking through trade shows and trying to juggle handfuls of samples, my cellphone was a challenge. This product freed up one of my hands while still allowing me to keep my phone safe and ready. This is still a relatively new product so it’s sure to catch peoples’ attention when you showcase them at your booth. This unique tech can work with any mobile device that has a case.

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