Building Brand Recognition Through Promotional Products: Why Passion Matters

  • Nov 25, 2018

If you’ve ever considered running a business or are currently pushing your company to its next level of success, you’ve probably given much thought to the question of how to create brand recognition both within your industry and among potential customers. For many businesses, a strong approach to promotion can drive growth in ways that few other methods can, and when promotional products truly demonstrate the passion and excellence of a company, the results can be game-changing. For example, few people would fail to recognize the positive message behind a Nike “Swoosh” t-shirt (“Just Do It”) or an Apple Inc. logo on the back of a laptop computer (“Think Different”); these promotional products not only create instant recognition of a company’s brand, but also encourage customers to reach their personal best with the help of the company’s products.

So how did top-tier companies like Nike and Apple create such easily identifiable brand imagery? Largely, the answer lies in the degree to which a customer is able to identify their own values with those of a particular company. When a Nike customer sees the “Swoosh” logo and reads the “Just Do It” slogan central to Nike’s promotional campaigns, in other words, they personally identify with the positive values of self-reliance and hard work put forth by Nike. Perhaps the customer is seeking a new level of personal excellence at their job or is struggling with a personal difficulty in their day-to-day lives; whatever the reason, their ability to find inspiration in the work or product of a particular company may provide that extra kernel of self-belief that allows them to put their best foot forward with each new day and each new challenge.

Just as Nike’s “Just Do It” slogan and Apple’s “Think Different” motto encourage customers to better their lives and overcome personal obstacles, we should keep in mind that, if it is to truly make a difference, the most effective promotional products will almost certainly engage with a customer’s desire to achieve success. Once a particular slogan or image becomes associated with a company, high-quality promotional products such as t-shirts, coffee cups, and notebooks can be created that allow customers or clients to remind themselves of how the company’s services or products helps them to achieve their goals. A good promotional product should be like a good friend, offering thoughts of encouragement and belief. Without the “Just Do It” slogan, its “Swoosh” logo, or the passion with which they create new products, after all, Nike would probably be just another shoe company.

Of course, in order to convince customers that our products can help them to achieve their goals, we need to believe in the products ourselves. Think back to any failed promotional campaign on the part of otherwise capable companies, and you’ll probably find that sincerity and passion were missing from the bigger picture. Customers identify with companies like Nike and Apple because they truly believe in the products these companies are creating, even if the customer is benefiting only indirectly from the product. (Not everyone who purchases a pair of Nike shoes aspires to be an NBA-level basketball player, for example.) To put it another way, if our slogan or logo simply and effectively conveys our dedication to our customers and our passion for our work, it is sure to connect with people who truly believe in our product or service.

Just as leading companies such as Apple and Nike rely on brand recognition and promotional products to achieve unprecedented levels of success in the 21st Century, so is the road forward open to companies who have a great and inspiring story to tell and a desire to tell it. With passion for our work and a sincere belief in helping customers to reach their personal best, we can create winning promotional products that both new and long-established customers and clients will love. And that is promotion and branding done right!

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