Best Corporate Gifts for Trade Shows

  • Feb 4, 2019

In today’s society, smartphones dominate the mobile device market and have cemented themselves for the foreseeable future. What better way to provide value to your potential clients than giving them a smartphone wallet? However, make sure your promotional item features your company logo and work with the vendor to style the wallet in your colours as well.

A smartphone wallet can hold your prospect's cash, driver’s license, debit/cards and more on the back of their phone. It provides convenience and they are good space savers, especially if the individual travels a lot for business. For your company, it’s cost effective and a lightweight item for you to giveaway. Smartphone wallets are an inexpensive way to make a huge impact with the attendees. Also, they are easily branded and are perfect for displaying your logo and communicating your branding message.

Anywhere you go, from the office to farmer markets, you notice people carrying reusable water bottles. Having these as a promotional item at a trade show draws lots of attention and traffic to your booth; visitors will be eager to get their hands on your eco-friendly swag.

These items can be useful immediately as a way for your attendees to stay hydrated as they are walking around on the show floor. In addition, reusable water bottles have a long lifespan that can be used long after the trade show is over. Branded reusable water bottles can be office and trade show swag, letting your company knock out two birds with one stone. They also act as “green” trade show giveaways and will reassure your potential clients of an environmental friendly brand message.

Branded tote bags have become a staple of trade show giveaways and will help your attendees carry the other promotional items they receive throughout the day. They are incredible useful on the floor as they can hold other things such as; brochures, product samples, and personal possessions. Toto bags can also be used by attendees after the show as an eco-friendly bag for their groceries, gym clothes, or a bag for when they go to the beach.

At trade shows a lot of people look for companies who are giving out tote bags; so offering them will ensure that you have a good amount of visitors throughout the trade show. Tote bags provide the opportunity for large print areas that are ideal for branding, creative graphics, and aesthetically pleasing colours.

Some of your attendees may not be in their office, but they are still connected to what is going on in their workplace via email, text, and calls. Constant communication all through the day can really drain your battery life, which leaves your attendees rushing to the nearest charging station. If you’re giving away USB chargers as a promotional giveaway, you can be your attendees’ life saviour by supplying what they need.

USB chargers are portable and easy to use during the trade show. They can also charge multiple electronic devices, keeping your potential clients plugged in to what they need at all times. These promotional items are also great for travelling and take up zero space when you pack it in your luggage for your trip. Since these chargers are so useful, you won’t have any problem generating traffic to your booth. Furthermore, they are a cheap item to give out; but still make you stand out to your visitors. You can also select from a wide range of colours for additional branding and marketing opportunities. At Pinnacle Awards, we make your promotion the best it can be! We want you to get your products on time and at the best possible price!